Scott Anderson, born and raised in Minnesota has spent a lifetime in search of wild places. Anderson’s passion started young; as a child he spent every waking moment in the wild, trapping, tracking, fishing, hunting, learning the animals, the plants and how they acted and reacted alone and with each other. Strong desire to learn these survival skills have become an important part of his life. He tells the story of walking down the halls in high school with a trapper’s basket full with traps, an axe and supplies. The science teacher asked him one late fall day if he could keep these items in his jeep? Scott’s response: “I would but its snowing hard outside and I didn’t want my traps covered in snow and ice – haven’t put my top up yet!”

Now a seasoned professional hunter, award winning producer, photographer, film maker, host, writer, survivalist, inventor, businessman, patent/copyright holder, entrepreneur, business owner and most important family man - husband, father and grandparent.

As a survivalist trained in self reliance Scott has learned the ancient lost art of tool making. Self taught on how to make self-gear; cordage, bows, arrows and stone points. He has practiced and uses these tools. Taking many an animal with his self-made arrows, crafted from a willow branch tipped in stone points, flint heads he has knapped using only a hammer stone and a pressure flaked made of antler. His arrows are as real as an arrow found thousands of years ago; pine pitched on and sinew wrapped stone points, turkey feathers for fletching and colored banding with the creations of mother earth. The hand selected willow shafts from the swamps of Minnesota are cut, peeled and scraped to size. His shafts are colored with limonite from North Dakota the yellow/orange bark of petrified wood ground to a fine paste, then stained brown from boiled walnut husks and straightened over a fire he has made with friction. All an accomplishment very few have mastered.

Through the process of his adventures he has taken many a record book animal ranging from his largest whitetail a personal best of 178 7/8 B & C typical 10 point, a 398 4/8 world class B & C Caribou and over 30 pope and young animals from whitetail, bear, elk, antelope and bison. Scott feels success in not held by a high scoring animal as it is held by the quality of the adventure that comes with the hunt. For this reason alone he has never once entered a single animal in any record book.

It is said Scott could have the first Pope and Young black bear ever taken by a flint tipped arrow to be registered, yet his memory is captured on film and not in the record books. The massive 300 pound plus bruiser was shot from the ground at 7 steps, traveled only 31 yards and expired in less then three seconds. His words spoken at that moment “the mighty warrior of the timber has fallen” as he honored the animal with full respect, knowing that he had taken this warrior with nothing more then a twig and a rock.

It is also stated that Scott Anderson is the first American in all of history to hunt the Sami Lands in Sweden, something that he holds very dear to his heart as he has great respect for the Sami a people greatly connected to the land.

His goal is to capture these moments and share with his viewers this spectacular planet we live on. His wish is to make a difference, to share, educate and entertain. It is not always the big that is so grand but the little things that make a difference. Scott has produced over 200 one half hour shows all have aired on America’s and Canada’s largest and most respected outdoor related television networks including; (GAC) Great American Country network, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman’s Channel, Men’s Channel, Wild TV and now holds some of the best time slots on the Pursuit Channel. Being available in over 80 million households 52 weeks a year he has one of the largest aired outdoor programs today.